My name is Renata. I am a personal development blogger and passionate traveller from Slovakia (living in the UK).

This is my story.

Since a very young age, I was interested in how our mind works. I was always curious about topics my peers didn’t find very interesting. Talking about psychology, the purpose of life, motivation or self-improvement were not the topics my friends would happily chat about. I always felt like there is more to life than go to college, graduate, find a 9-5 job which you probably won’t like, gossip, drink and wander through life halfway happy (…or not happy at all). Everyone was telling me that it is just the way how adult life is.

I couldn’t settle to that idea. The more I learned about the power of Mind the more I realized that we all have a massive potential inside of us waiting to be discovered. I embraced mine and it has changed my life completely.

I took my life into my own hands because I wanted to feel happy and fulfilled. And I do. I went on to study Psychology at uni and learned a lot about how my mind works. I found my true values and learned to love my uniqueness.

I decluttered my apartment of material things I did not need. Moreover, I declutter my social circle of people who discouraged me and were not happy for my achievements. The less became more. Getting rid of unnecessary material clutter and toxic people gave me the freedom I always dreamt of.

I always loved travelling and exploring new cultures. Going for 2-3 short vacation a year during my conventional work career wasn’t the way I wanted my life to be. So, I quit my job and went on for three months around the world trip. The best decision ever!

The idea of a 9-5 job has never resonated with my values so now I am building my own online business and running this blog to share my journey and knowledge with you.

Potential Discovered is a blog about personal growth, motivation and travelling. Here I weekly share inspiration on how you can become your best version and create the life YOU really want.

The self-growth journey is a lifelong process. And im here to help you learn how to make the best out of every situation, find your true values, how to relax and eliminate stress, how to become more confident and much more.

If my blog can help even one person, my mission will be successful.